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Our Projects

One0one is an ever expanding world of NFTs. Each project we launch is connected to one another. Our current projects are no exception. Web 3 Spiders are a type of witch “familiars” and their story is directly connected to 101Witches.

Wait a minute, who are we?

We are a small team of highly motivated creatives. Designers, artists, writers and avid enjoyers of NFTs. Our main goal is to create an NFT ecosystem and develop a whole fantasy world with bunch of quality collectibles and possibilities for our connoisseurs!
We’re eager to share our vision of a digital universe with everyone on the planet, drop in our discord to become a part of it.

The General Roadmap



  • Regular minting of 101 Witches.
  • Robust multi-channel marketing campaign.
  • Creation of a tight-knit community.


Alpha Phase

  • Giveaways – 1 Spider every week.
  • Releasing 100 Spiders to partners.


Beta Phase

  • Mint 5000 Spiders
  • Announcement of a new project.
  • Giveaway of 3 101 Witches and 30 Spiders.


Gamma Phase

  • Mint new familiar collection.
  • Airdropping new NFTs to lucky Web3Spider holders.
  • Free merch for OG Discord members. (per request.)


We currently have two collections : 101 Witches and Web3Spiders. The ecosystem we are building right now is the base for the whole universe that will be inhabited by our upcoming nfts.

Giving back to our community is our main priority.

Connoisseurs who back us up during our first months will be highly prioritised in the future. We plan to drop at least two other generative projects and we will ensure that anyone who has Web3Spider nft in their wallets gets rewarded for believeing in us.

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