“Did you see that? Are you sure?”

– Scarlett

Scarlett is a light witch, though don’t be mistaken, she’s not the one who will make the sun come out on a rainy day.

Scarlett is a light witch, the most talanted on in the kingdom at that. Yet that status means little to nothing to her. Naturally radiant personality and good social status doesn’t keep her from being a trickster. Be careful and don’t fall for her charm.


“I used to be the greatest of all time.”

– Cordeia

Cordelia was a circus performer. After a pact she made with ancient forces, now she owns her own circus.

Cordelia was a circus performer. Though no one has seen her before. She says she was the public’s favorite. Her power is shapeshifting so some people think she was not a human when she used to perform in a circus.


“Too lively for the dead, too lifeless for the living.”

– Alita

Alita is a novice witch, who has been forced to lead a double life ever after she stumbled upon an ancient book of curses.

Alita was the quietest child anyone in her orphanage had ever met and one of the most curious. One could often find her in a library reading books, novels, and ancient manuscripts. One of those nights when she couldn’t fall asleep, she decided to spend time in the library reading books. That’s when she found the book with the glowing back. In the dark of the night it immediately caught her attention. Curious Alita didn’t hold back and flipped the book right open. She didn’t realize that with every sentence she read, she was casting a spell on herself. Since then, until eternity she is cursed to guard the portal between the two worlds.